Journey before reaching Kasol

My birthday was coming in June, precisely 26th June. I wanted to celebrate my birthday out of Delhi, so my friend and I were deciding the locations and finding 2 to 3 people to join us.

Luckily, we found 4 people to join us, and we decided to go to Himachal- Kasol, Kheergana, Manali, and Rohtang. And it started we booked the hotels and Volvo tickets.

Kasol Hotel- Kasol Wooden Cottage
Prices- 500/day and Per Person without food, 1000/day, and Per Person with food
Volvo- Holiday Appeal, 1600 per head while going to kasol.

It was 24th June, the luggage was packed, and we were all set to go. The journey was very long; we had to cover 14 hrs because the distance between Delhi to Kasol was 14 hrs. We went there when the Himachal government was not allowing Volvo inside the Himachal; we had to shift to the traveller from Chandigarh.

The morning of Himachal was extremely blissful; light cold breeze was teasing my hair and cheeks, fresh air was giving me a soothing vibe, the fragrance of greenery made me fall in love with nature.

A stop where we had a photoshoot

We thought that moving out of Volvo was the wrong decision, but we were wrong; when the fresh air touched our skin, we realized it was worth it. Coming out of the city where we only see tall buildings, big offices, luxury cars, noise, and pollution made me feel that I am in the new world where all these things never entered.

Seeing the sunrise from the bus was a different feeling; the serene view was super impressive. I felt I should leave my job and stay here to calm my soul.
After the tiring and beautiful journey, we reached Kasol.

Stay tuned for the next one!